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Shaman Services

Chase is about making your time what best needs you. If none of these services sound best for you, reach out to Chase and talk about what you are seeking. Spirit works in mysterious ways, so having an intention and being open can help you find the best path you seek. Don’t know what service is best for you? Reach out, let’s talk and see if we can find what the best path is for you at this time.

Services can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 2+ hours, with most services ranging about an hour.

Services start at $40 a half hour and $70 an hour.

Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Intuitive Reading

Chase connects with your energy field and spirit guides to help communicate what messages you best need to hear right now. Tools, such as cards, are not necessary, but can be a helpful tool when trying to receive your messages.


Charka Clearing and Healing

In this process, Chase will sit with each one of your chakras, take an in-depth look of what is occurring and share with you the process. Chase will then do any cleaning and clearing of blockages that might need, along with ways to help each charka clear and balanced.


Power Animal Meditation and Discovery

Curious about what your power animal is? We all have one and they might even change depending on what type of animal medicine you might need for that season of your life. Chase will help you through a guided meditation of discovering your own power animal. You will have time to connect with your power animal, as well as learning more about what that animal’s medicine might mean and how to best honor that animal energy.

past life_edited.jpg

Past Life Exploration and Lessons

In this life, we sometimes carry past life karma and need help learning what lessons we have missed. Chase will help guide you to what past life is affecting you today and what happened. You might even explore souls from past lives that are present in your current life today!



A technique in which Chase examines your physical body and energetic body to help release any trauma and pain it might be holding, from this life and past life. Chase is also known to upgrade your energetic and spiritual body as well during this time.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Soul Retrieval

This is one of the most well-known shamanic practices. Chase will journey on your behalf, to the spirit world to seek out what soul piece might be missing. This soul piece can be left in a past life, or even in the current life you are living. Traditionally, an illumination will occur first to help prep the physical, emotional, and spiritual body for the return, but is not always necessary.

What is shamanism?

To learn more about Shamanism and Chase as a shaman, click here.

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