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Shaman medicine has been found on all seven continents throughout the ages of time. Shamans are considered medicine people within the community in which they are able to heal people spiritually, which can have powerful impacts on physical, emotional, and mental health. Shamans are knowing for being able to travel to different realms and believe that everything is connected. Shaman’s work through the energy body and can help heal through a person auras and chakra’s systems.  Shamans can work with a variety of different types of medicines, such as plant medicine and energy medicine. Chase works with animal medicine and energy medicine.

Chase's lineage

Chase’s great great great grandmother was from Cherokee lineage and watched their grandmother stand proud in this knowledge. Other part’s of Chase’s lineage traces back to the Celtics and has druid lineage. Chase was first introduced to Shamanism in 2005 while they were soul searching answers, as they knew they would not find what they were seeking in the faith in which they were raised. Chase started working with animal medicine and understanding animals carry great meanings and messages, as well as profound healing medicine.

In 2020, Chase met and went through a medicine wheel, based out of Salida, Colorado: a place which Chase calls their “Soul Home”. Chase trained under a Peruvian Shaman in which Chase became a full medicine carrier in 2021.

Chase has met and worked with many spiritual leaders and healers and has been told they have an ability to heal people in a way many have never seen. Chase has also been called “an endless vessel of energy” and has the unique ability to transmute energy themselves. Chase also believes in bringing many traditions together into one practice that best suits them as well as their clients. There is not one way to heal, but many different ways depending on the person.


A heyoka is considered a “sacred clown” and comes from the Lakota culture. Heyoka means “coyote” and carries coyote energy, a trickster if you will. A heyoka is a type of shaman that is able to see things differently. Heyoka’s are considered a “jack of all trades” and can use all of their sense, rather than just one, like most metaphysical and traditional users. Heyoka’s have the ability to help you see some of your deep and darkest wounds though chaos and humor. Heyoka medicine can be hard, difficult, enlightening and healing at the same time. Heyoka’s believe we are all a teacher and a student and we are all on a path of enlightenment.



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