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Learning to trust our instincts



ABOUT Instinctive Counseling

Instinctive Counseling is a private therapy practice based in Colorado and offering telehealth services only.

We, as the human species, has forgotten how to come back to our gut reactions and feelings to trust ourselves. Instinctive Counseling wants to help you get back to trusting yourself first and foremost.

Instinctive Counseling offers traditional talk therapy using evidenced based practices to come back to your instincts and trusting yourself again. 

Instinctive Counseling also offers shaman healing services from chakra balancing to soul retrievals.

Instinctive Counseling (1).png

Instinctive Counseling offers individual counseling and therapy with those trying to understand and navigate the queer identity.

We also offer shamanic healing services that go beyond traditional talk therapy. 

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