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Learning to trust our instincts




ABOUT Instinctive Counseling

Please note that all services are currently telehealth due to the increase of COVID.


Instinctive Counseling is a private therapy practice located in Lakewood, Colorado. Instinctive Counseling focuses on queer folks finding their true identity. 

Navigating in today's society can be difficult with everyone coming from every direction on who we should be and what we should be. Instinctive Counseling offers their client's a chance to come back to what their instincts are telling them to help them find their true selves in a safe and judgement free environment.

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Instinctive Counseling offers individual counseling, couples therapy and family therapy with those trying to understand and navigate the queer identity.

We also offer presentations and consultation to companies that are trying to be more inclusive in their work environment or welcoming to queer clients and customers.

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